1. Invited to give a paper to the Department of LPS at UC Irvine on March 16, 2018. 

2. Invited to give a paper to the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa on April 6, 2018. 

3. Invited as senior visiting fellow at the Università degli Studi di Milano in April-May 2018, where I am helping to host a workshop on the history and philosophy of time, May 17-18.

4. Invited to the The Institute of Philosophy at the University of Bremen, Germany, as a speaker in a workshop on local and global theories of time, 21st and 22nd of June 2018 at the HWK near Bremen.

5. Invited to a workshop on "Teleological Explanations between Leibniz and Kant”, to take place at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem on June 25-27, 2018 


1.  Helped organize the 11th Leibniz Society of North America Conference, hosted by McMaster University and University of Toronto, to be held at the U of T St. George campus, October 13-14, 2017:

2. Gave an invited paper, “Monads as Constituents of Bodies in Leibniz’s Metaphysics”, to a conference on the metaphysics of composition, from a historical and systematical point of view, at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, June 1-2, 2017.

3. Gave an invited paper, “Mathematics and the Leibnizian actual infinite”, to the PhilMath Intersem at Paris 7 on June 6th, on the theme of “the place that infinity has played in the history of mathematics”. 

4. Participation dans un hommage à Jean-Marie Beyssade, Séminaire Descartes, chez l'université Sorbonne, Paris, le mercredi 7 juin, 2017.

csm leibniz-and-the-sciences-2016 poster 8166045833

5. Participated in Leibniz and the Sciences, an international workshop convened by the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences and the University of Leipzig, Leipzig, November 14-16, 2016, where I

   a) presented a paper on "Leibniz and Quantum Theory" and

   b) took part in a panel discussion on Leibniz and Modern Science.

6. Chez l'université Sorbonne, Paris, novembre 19, 2016, j'ai participé dans la Séminaire Descartes, pour une table-ronde, Le part de Beeckman, autour:

   a) de la correspondance Descartes-Beeckman-Mersenne publiée l’an dernier chez Bompiani:

   b) du dossier Journal de Beeckman-Abrégé de musique-Parnassus dans les Œuvres complètes de Descartes, le mercredi 7 juin.

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