1. Invited to present on my new Leibniz book to a joint session in Paris by invitation of ANR Mathesis, the Séminaire Mathesis at the ENS, and members of the ULB of Brussels on Wednesday,  September 25.

2. Invited to present at a workshop at Paris 7 on the "Identiy of indiscernibles from Leibniz to Quantum Mechanics”, September 27-28.

3. Invited to present at the Harvard History of Philosophy Workshop, November 14-15.


1. May 15-17, 2019, presented  "Leibnizian Mereology of Duration and Change, at the Society for Exact Philosophy meeting at York University.

2. November 9, 2018, presented "Monadic States: Leibniz’s Law of Continuity and the Discreteness of Change” at the conference staged by the Leibnizian Society of the Central Europe jointly with SELLF, Leibniz et Leibniziennes, at the Centre for Theoretical Studies, Charles University, Prague.

3. November 8, 2018, presented On the Hegelian Roots of Russell's Critique of Leibniz” at the Centre for Formal Epistemology, Institute of Philosophy, Prague.

4. November 7, 2018, presented a paper to SPHERE at Paris 7, Monadic States: Leibniz’s Law of Continuity and the Discreteness of Change”.

5. October 11-14, 2018: attended the LSNA and SELLF joint conference in Montréal, where I presented a plenary lecture, Les monads comme constituants des corps” on Oct 13.

6. May 17-18, 2018: co-organized and co-hosted a workshop on the history and philosophy of time, at the Università degli Studi di Milano; presented a paper, “Neither A nor B”, on the 18th..

7. May 11, 2018: presented “Local Time Flow and Relativity” to the Centre for the Philosophy of Time in the Dipartimento di Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Milano.

8. May 8-10, 2018: gave a course of 4 lectures in the Dipartimento di Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Milano, as Visiting Research Fellow in the Dipartimento di Filosofia

9. April 16-20: attended the 45th International Conference in the Philosophy of Science at the IUC in Dubrovnik, where I gave a talk on “Local Time Flow and Relativity”.

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